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Where does Gratitude live? In my heart.

by Kelly Johnson 17 May 2023 0 Comments

Kelly Johnson author & photographer of Gratitude Kelly Johnson is the author and photographer of Gratitude.

Yellow roses blue sky with texe Where does Gratitude live?

My consultant, Melissa Hibbert of Shyft Beauty Consulting Agency, asked me, Where does your book Gratitude live? Hmmm. I was taken aback. I had not thought about it. I am an artist. I had not put such a thing in my mind. Oh, boy! Of course, it's hard to market a book if these things aren't in place.  A crafted, captivating tagline is needed to highlight the story's unique premise, compelling characters, and emotional journey to effectively market a book. Targeted digital advertising and social media campaigns were also needed to reach the desired audience. I was naïve.

Well, Melissa is bright, savvy, and beautiful! She is just what Gratitude needs. I am grateful she is on board. Her probing question opened my eyes and my heart. So, again, Where Does My Book Gratitude Live? Wow, after my conversation with Melissa, I wrote this.

 My book, "Gratitude," finds its home in a place beyond the physical realm—it resides in the depths of my heart. Within the intricate chambers of my being, every page, word, and sentiment of the book rests gently, etched in the core of my being. It is a sanctuary where gratitude blossoms, nourished by the profound experiences, connections, and emotions shaping my journey. In this sacred abode, my book thrives as a testament to the gratitude that permeates my soul and infuses my existence with meaning.

Within the sanctuary of my heart, "Gratitude" transcends the limitations of time and space, residing as an ever-present source of inspiration and reflection. It is not confined to the pages or the cover; rather, it manifests as a living entity, pulsating with the warmth of appreciation for life's blessings. It finds solace amidst the beats of my heart, growing with every breath and radiating its essence through my thoughts, actions, and interactions. As I carry this book within me, its contents guide me on a perpetual journey of acknowledging the beauty surrounding me and nurturing a spirit of thankfulness in every aspect of my being.

As we define the perfect tagline, audience, and home for Gratitude. I will continue to market Gratitude with joy and pride.

If your heart is waiting for joy. It's time for Gratitude! Gratitude is available at 
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