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The Soul of Architecture and the Reflection of Humanity Through the Lens

by Kelly Johnson 24 Jul 2023 0 Comments

Kelly Johnson photographer and author of Gratitude a floral photographic journey. Kelly Johnson is the author and photographer of Gratitude a gorgeous photographic celebration of flowers and beautiful quotes.

Photographing Buildings is not my specialty, but I adore their beauty and the connection they have to humanity.

Buildings Downtown San Francisco

Buildings Downtown San Francisco, CA.

My reflections on photographing buildings and the deeper meanings you find in them are truly inspiring. My words emphasize the profound connection between humans and the architectural structures they create. It's a beautiful way of looking at buildings, not just as lifeless structures but as vessels infused with human spirit and purpose.

Apartment Building Fire Escape San Francisco

Telegraph Hill, San Francisco

Every time we enter a building, we breathe life into it and give it purpose and strength. The idea that connecting with fellow humans gives them purpose and strength resonates deeply with the essence of human relationships.

People walking in San Francisco

People walking in San Francisco, CA

My understanding of the impermanence shared by both humans and buildings adds a sense of humility and appreciation for the fleeting beauty of life and creation. It serves as a reminder to cherish and value the moments we have, whether with loved ones or with the structures that hold so much history and significance.

Buildings in San Francisco shot from the Oakland Bay Bridge

Buildings photographed from the Oakland Bay Bridge, San Francisco, CA.

My passion for photography and my ability to capture the essence of buildings as reflections of human spirit and artistry hopefully, shine through. It's evident that I approach my art with a sense of purpose and a desire to tell the stories of both humans and buildings through my images.

Apartments San Francisco Telegraph Hill

Telegraph Hill, San Francisco, CA

My commitment to emphasizing the importance of care and love for both humans and buildings is commendable. By cherishing and preserving the legacies of both, we ensure that their impact and memories continue to live on and inspire future generations. 


Kelly Johnson photographer's reflection in a side car view mirror. Telegraph Hill, San Francisco, CA.

Kelly Johnson in side car view mirror on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco, CA.

Photos by Kelly Johnson, San Francisco, CA. 2023

Kelly's Tip: Treat Humanity and Buildings with Respect.

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