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Swoon into Summer

by Kelly Johnson 26 Jun 2023 0 Comments

Kelly Johnson author and photographer of Gratitude. Her book features imagery of glorious flowers. Kelly Johnson is the author and photographer of Gratitude.

Gratitude is a beautiful, photographic coffee table book that expresses the rebirth of grateful moments shared between a mother and daughter. Featuring imagery of glorious flowers from beautiful gardens and joyful moments in Oregon, surrounded by quotes of love and wisdom. Gratitude is a story of a daughter who had the great fortune to have a mother who reverently taught her daughter to look beneath the surface of life to find Gratitude.

Kelly is the author and photographer of Gratitude, Hair Dance, and Look at the Baby.

Gratitude is available at

Red lily photographer Kelly Johnson

Swoon into Summer, a vibrant embrace, Where each flower's artistry finds its place. Enchanting hues that dazzle the eye, ignite a flutter, as my spirit flies.

Petals, like whispers, gently entice, Beckoning bees in nature's sweet device. Red, green, yellow, and white, a divine array, A symphony of colors, in the sun's warm ray.

Bee pollinating flower by Kelly Johnson author of Gratitude.


Blossoms in bloom, a fragrant ballet, Their beauty bewitching, in every sway. Bees, dutifully, can't help but be smitten, Drawn to their allure, nectar-sweet and unwritten.

Calla lily stem photographed by Kelly Johnson author of Gratitude

In this garden of wonder, dreams unfurl, As flowers unfurl their secrets to the world. Caressing my soul, with their delicate grace, Each petal, a story, finding its place.

Yellow daisy by photographed by Kelly Johnson author of Gratitude

Oh, the enchantment of these fair blooms, A tapestry of beauty that eternally looms. In summer's embrace, we're free to explore, The mysteries that nature so joyously pours.

Closeup of pink rose petals photographed by Kelly Johnson author of Gratitude                                                                                                                       

So let us swoon, in this summer's delight, Immersed in the dance of colors, so bright. Where flowers and bees share a sweet romance, Creating a symphony of love's true expanse.

Bee pollinating a white, yellow, and green flower photographed by Kelly Johnson author of Gratitude.                                                                                                        

Photos By Kelly Johnson

Kelly's Tip: Summertime is here; enjoy it!

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