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Freedom Blooms: Reflections on Juneteenth, Gratitude, and the Human Spirit

by Kelly Johnson 19 Jun 2023 0 Comments
Kelly Johnson author and photographer of Gratitude Kelly Johnson is the author and photographer of Gratitude.
Gratitude is a beautiful, photographic coffee table book that expresses the rebirth of grateful moments shared between a mother and daughter. Featuring imagery of glorious flowers from beautiful gardens and joyful moments in Oregon, surrounded by quotes of love and wisdom. Gratitude is a story of a daughter who had the great fortune to have a mother who reverently taught her daughter to look beneath the surface of life to find Gratitude.
Kelly is the author and photographer of Gratitude, Hair Dance, and Look at the Baby.

Gratitude is available at

Yellow flowers peeking out through a fence from Gratitude photographer Kelly Johnson

This is a beautiful sentiment expressed in my book, "Gratitude."

Liberty, nothing can stop me now; I am free to learn, live, and love.

The image of flowers breaking free from behind a fence symbolizes liberty and the quotation provided conveys a powerful message about the universal human desire for freedom and the ability to learn, live, and love without hindrance.

"To me, flowers are much like humans: they are tender, emotional, funny, full of swagger, and demanding attention."

Juneteenth blog. Yellow flowers peeking through a white fence. Photographer Kelly Johnson author of Gratitude

Comparing flowers to humans and highlighting their shared qualities of tenderness, emotion, humor, and confidence is a poignant way to illustrate the human experience and our inherent drive to seek personal growth and self-realization. Freedom is indeed a fundamental aspect of human existence, enabling individuals to pursue their aspirations, express their individuality, and contribute to society in meaningful ways.

The celebration of Juneteenth serves as a reminder of the long and difficult journey towards freedom for African Americans as well as a call to address ongoing challenges related to equality and justice. My book's reflection on freedom and the connection between humans and nature encapsulates the importance of these themes in our collective consciousness.

Juneteenth blog. Yellow flowers peeking through a white fence. An African American finger is in the picture. Photographer Kelly Johnson.


Kelly's Tip: Embrace Humanity, Embrace Freedom

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