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by Kelly Johnson 29 May 2023 0 Comments

Kelly Johnson author and photographer of Gratitude Kelly Johnson is the author and photographer of Gratitude. 

Gratitude is a beautiful, photographic coffee table book that expresses the rebirth of grateful moments shared between a mother and daughter. Featuring imagery of glorious flowers from beautiful gardens and joyful moments in Oregon, surrounded by quotes of love and wisdom. Gratitude is a story of a daughter who had the great fortune to have a mother who reverently taught her daughter to look beneath the surface of life to find Gratitude.

Gratitude is available at

I am smitten with vibrant poppies. I photographed poppies the entire weekend. Their bright hues of red and orange symbolize remembrance and health. As they swayed in the wind, I swooned with delight. Positivity filled the air with bliss. My heart was aglow and occupied with vast fascination. The charm of the poppies was so beautiful. Each click of my camera made me smile with glee. The magic of the moment consumed me, took me to heaven, and weaved itself into complete splendor. I closed my eyes and took a breath. I inhaled loveliness and exhaled exquisite, soft poppy perfection. The poppies danced and pranced to a gentle rhythm. They waved to the left and to the right like a sheet on a clothesline blowing in the wind. They stole my heart. I won’t ask for my heart back because I love the idea of being in love with vibrant poppies.

 Poppy and a bee photographer by Kelly Johnson


The admirers walking by giggled while exuding happiness as they looked at the poppies. People driving past stopped their cars in the middle of the street and shouted, "Are those your poppies?" I shouted, "No, they belong to my neighbor." They shouted back, "They’re beautiful!" I smiled, waved, and blew kisses to the poppy lovers. My neighbor’s stunning orange and red poppies spread joy to all. My neighbor is a gardener. A gardener is a person who possesses empathy, care, and love and shares the fruits of their labor with all people. Today, I connected with many people through the unmitigated beauty of poppies. We had conversations of joy and remembrance, and it was grand.

Poppies photographed by Kelly Johnson


Poppies by photographer Kelly Johnson

 Memorial Day, May 29, 2023

Here's a tip: Relax and enjoy the poppies.

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