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"Garden Glamour: Tiger Boy, The Feline Supermodel"

by Kelly Johnson 04 Jun 2023 0 Comments

Kelly Johnson photographer author of Gratitude Kelly Johnson is the author and photographer of Gratitude. 

Gratitude is a beautiful, photographic coffee table book that expresses the rebirth of grateful moments shared between a mother and daughter. Featuring imagery of glorious flowers from beautiful gardens and joyful moments in Oregon, surrounded by quotes of love and wisdom. Gratitude is a story of a daughter who had the great fortune to have a mother who reverently taught her daughter to look beneath the surface of life to find Gratitude.

Gratitude is available at

Tiger Boy with Poppies.

I had a blast photographing my neighbor's cat.

Tiger Boy, the tiger-striped cat, effortlessly exudes the grace and confidence of a supermodel. Tiger's dynamic presence shines through with every camera click, capturing his stunning beauty and charismatic charm. His love for striking a pose and prancing in the beautiful garden creates the perfect backdrop for his captivating photo shoots. Tiger reigns supreme in the world of feline supermodels, leaving a trail of mesmerizing photographs in his wake.

Feline Tiger Boy Super Model by Kelly Johnson


Tiger Boy Super Model photo by Kelly Johnson

 The tip for the day: Find the time to photograph something beautiful every day.

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