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"Website Revamp: Transforming for a Better User Experience"

by Kelly Johnson 11 May 2023 0 Comments
Website Revamp Transforming for  a Better User Experience

Revamping my website easier said than done!

I want to scream every time I have to use technology. Revamping my website would be much easier if I was tech and design-savvy. But photography is the name of my game. 

Technology has revolutionized the way I create and showcase my book Gratitude and my fine art photography. With the ability to edit my photos and create my own website, I have more control over my creative process than ever before. But as exciting as this newfound control can be, it can also be humbling and remind me of the importance of gratitude.

Revamping my is a humbling experience. It requires a level of technical skill that is outside of my comfort zone, and I find myself struggling to make my website look and function the way I want it to. But as I work through these challenges and overcome them, I come to appreciate the power and potential of technology to help me showcase my photographic art to the world.

Ultimately, this journey of technology is one of gratitude. I am grateful for the opportunities that technology provides me to create and showcase my book Gratitude and my fine art in new and exciting ways. I am grateful for the challenges that keep me humble and remind me of the importance of continual growth and learning. And I am grateful for the beauty and inspiration that technology and photography bring to my life and the lives of others. Although, my website is a work in progress there is a copy of Gratitude waiting just for you!!! :)

Grateful for you!


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